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Leverage the power of AR.

With VZNZ your brand becomes more tangible, experiencable and engaging! We achieve this together by augmenting your live events or creating unseen AR experiences.

Discover how smart data enabled MR and blockchain-based content innovate brand engagement.

Let's explore how VZNZ' channels and possibilities. 

Create exiting events, intriguing scavenger hunts and new engagement layers. Integrate virtual merch, interactive collectables or Metaverse items - everything is possible!

Next-Gen DooH

VZNZ is an E2E curation platform and distribution tool. 

We offer support brands at every step of their journey towards this new era of brand engagement: 

  • Consultation services on MR, Web3 and DooH

  • Creation of AR experiences (static & dynamic)

  • Curation of AR live events on VZNZ

  • Off-App (web-based) or integrated AR channels

  • Smart Contract and DooH-architecture

  • Creative support in content creation & story telling


Let's create together!

Hi! I'm Nico, one of the founders. Feel free to contact me directly for any questions. 

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