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Your Bridge between Web3 and the Real World

VZNZ is your tool to distribute and experience digital collectibles in the real world through Augmented Reality and Geolocation.


Discover the exiting world of Augmented Reality


For Collectors

Hunt new collectables and place collectibles into AR. Create your own assets and leverage Web3.

It's your Pocket-Metaverse in the real world.


For Creators

Create new collections and distribute your collectibles anywhere in the real world. 

Create exiting events, intriguing scavenger hunts and new engagement layers. 

Our Vision for VZNZ

We are bridging the real world and the metaverse in a tempting but effective way.

We achieve this by enabling brands and users to create digital assets easy and playfully and are enabling them to share and distribute them in the real world.

We firmly believe that adding geopositioning in an AR space to conventional NFTs opens up millions of opportunities for owners to interact with creators and vice versa.

We are empowering brands to create captivating local experiences like never before.

Customized for your needs. easy. effective. playful. VZNZ

DALL·E 2023-03-06 22.21.42 - A photography of a city skyline at dusk with someone enjoying


Learn more about our project, capabilities and plans for the future in our docs.



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