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aurar sees itself as an E2E partner for the transition to and life in the Web3 era. We accompany artists, brands and companies on their way into the next iteration of the internet. 

Therefore we build a step-by-step collection-builder where you tell us what you have in mind for your NFT-collection and we provide the collectables for you. No coding-experience is needed. We ensure, that your NFTs create royalties no matter on which market place they get traded. 

VZNZ will become your distribution platform giving your multiple dimensions to play with.

We also offer ourselves as a sparring partner and platform to realize oneself in new virtual worlds. In doing so, we aim to adapt to the needs of each partner and are happy to design individualized projects.

Our four main capabilities: 

  • Project consulting in Web3 context

  • Technical partner in NFT creation

  • Technical partner in AR utilization

  • Education and training on trend topics like Metaverse, Web3 and NFTs

Let’s Work Together

Share with us what you have in mind for your web3 story. 

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