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Leverage the power of AR.

With VZNZ you can place any NFT anywhere in the world to be collected in AR. 

This means you choose the place and time and your community can just go there and hunt your collectables.

Create exiting events, intriguing scavenger hunts and new engagement layers. 

Virtual merch, interactive collectables or Metaverse items - everything is possible

Create and Distribute your NFT-Collections in the Real World.

VZNZ is an E2E curation platform and distribution tool. 

We offer support brands and creators at every step of their Web3 journey: 

  • Consulting in smart contract and Web3 utilization

  • Creative support in content creation & story telling

  • Building and deploying all smart contracts

  • Platform access for distribution

  • Support in token utilization

  • Curation of live-events with Augmented Reality

Tell your Web3-Story

We help you to leverage the opportunities Web3 offers: 

  • How to plan and create NFT-leveraging projects

  • Smart Contract best practises (Solidity)

  • Project-customized Blockchain evaluation 


Building projects

We build the smart contracts and help with the integration in your ecosystem. VZNZ can also be used for direct monetization through sale and royalties. The platform is also capable of transferring information for token-gated content on your end. 


Distributing collectables

The whole world is your stage. There are no physical limitations anymore. You can create 3D and dynamic content to create utility beyond ownership. VZNZ offers GPS-based or image-recognition-based minting and transferring. We also build gesture-based smart contract interactions for your projects (e.g. a paper-toss game triggering various contract calls like burn-and-mint). 


Let's create together!

Hi! I'm Nico, one of the founders. Feel free to contact me directly for any questions. 

If you want to utilize VZNZ you're welcome to fill out the form.

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