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About Us

We are aurar.

We build exciting experiences and combine them with innovative technologies.

With VZNZ we combine Augmented Reality, Geopositioning and Smart Contracts to create an immersive distribution and interaction channel for NFTs and AR-enhanced live events.

The Team


Nico Owsianowski

Co-Founder & CEO

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Cheua-Hei Chan

Co-Founder & CTO


Praveen Francis Kokkatt





Front-End & iOS

Partners & Clients

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Our Story

​We came from Augmented Reality and explored the possibilities and limitations of the technology for a couple of years now. Cheua-Hei and Nico have previously founded an AR company developing patented solutions for both AR-HMDs and mobile AR software. We also have Francis in our team who has years in AR-development experience and wrote his Computer Science Master about the utilization of AR for remote shopping.  With the summer of NFTs in '21 we saw more and more adaption and a rise of value for digital assets which naturally benefits the entire MR-space.  We started research and test developments in the Web3 space in the same year. Through our journey to a deep understanding of Solidity-based smart contracts and the branch itself we faced multiple challenges we perceived as bottlenecks for the industry: - the lack of accessibility (due to both high cost and complicated processes) - low engagement and underwhelming digital content - a significant proportion of ecosystem-limitation (no matter the technological decentralization) - only a handful real-life relevant benefits worth mentioning - low standardization The list could go on. We decided to tackle the points and build a consumer-centric solution that enables further leveraging of the tech for both brands and users. We started with the very simple idea of creating a scavenger hunt for NFTs. However, we noticed that easy access was mandatory and the only way to provide that was to build an E2E solution. Hence, we created VZNZ. It's a mixture of PokemonGo, Geocaching and OpenSea.  Augmented Reality is one of the most effective tools to create engaging and immersive experiences. That's what we believe to be the perfect second layer to our real life. We start with event curations to show case how exciting stories can be told by anybody, anywhere.  Meanwhile we also work on automating and expanding features of the platform. It's our vision to make VZNZ the story telling tool of the future.  We are bridging the real world and the metaverse in a tempting but effective way. We achieve this by enabling brands and users to create digital assets easy and playfully and are enabling them to share and distribute them in the real world. We firmly believe that adding geopositioning in an AR space to conventional NFTs opens up millions of opportunities for owners to interact with creators and vice versa. We are empowering brands to create captivating local experiences like never before. Customized for your needs. Easy. Effective. Playful. VZNZ

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